The Importance of Individuality

Zseraldina Richvalszki

Owner | Economist in Business Organization | Spa Expert

Hiring Us and me, as a spa expert even from the planning phases of development is to buy my 31 years of experience and knowledge in hospitality industry.. By choosing our services you can save time and money by avoiding common mistakes and keeps your project and budget according to the schedule. My professional experience land and sea will be a valuable asset to your Company. I worked closely with hospitality professionals and therapists to help them to provide the best possible service to a high service orientated business.

When I think of wellness I simply expressed as “well being”.


” Well-being is not only means reaching a higher living standard and making intentions in the financial side of our life but is a conscious lifestyle as I believe. Day by day we have to improve our health to balance the physical, mental and spiritual life, and recognize of what is really matter to us.”

Our Company has very high requirements in spa culture, setting standards while leading outstanding spa services.

From concept to grand opening, design to development, and passion to profit, we can provide as little or as much help you need and we have all you need to help any the small to medium size business reach your goals. Our independent Spa Consultant advisory board has international and sophisticated work experience with Exclusive Hotels, Yachts, Clinics and Spas. Zseraldina Richvalszki and her successful team help you through all the critical stages, from the planning till the grand opening. As a result of our professional services in this specific development area of this new branch of industry you can save time and money as well. Due to the help of our profound observation and expertise in spa operating regular problems are avoidable.

The quality of service is all that we do for our customers from the moment of contacting us until they leave. It aims to attract and keep more and more customers and fascinate them. Beside the changes of the world the essence of service is constant: to provide the highest quality and to create the atmosphere to return.

Katalin Sugár

Sales and Marketing


Economist, Specialist in Tourism


Zseraldina Richvalszki

Owner | Spa Development Consultant

Economist in Management and Business organization

Enterprise management specialization


Tímea Vargáné Kádas

education organization

Physical Education Teacher,              Sports Manager, Gymnastics Trainer,    PR Specialist


Gergely Siményi

Hotel & Spa photography

Móni Ilosvay

Corporate Identity design


PR & social media

Dr. Eszter Kuklis

Medical & lifestyle, THEORETICAL INSTRUCTOR, Doctor / Naturopath / Lifestyle Trainer

Zseraldina Richvalszki

Theoretical instructor, Wellness & Spa / Hotel Service Development

Dr. Gyula Boros

Ayurvedic medicine, THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL INSTRUCTOR, Ayurvedic doctor / Pharmacist doctor

Ildikó Selmeczi Veres

Theoretical tutor of interpersonal communication, Psychologist

Krisztina Kontra

Spa Therapist Training PRACTICAL Instructor, Massage Therapist


teacher of special education Instructor, Medical Therapies

Judit Drávai-Babják

Cosmetic training practical instructor, Master beautician


Botaniq Tura Castle Hotel – Spa Development – pre opening 2019   Grand Hotel Tokaj  – Adult Spa Planning 2018 / 2019   !QMS Medicosmetics Hungary – Brand Business Development 2019   BalaLand Family Hotel & Resort – BalaLand Familypark – Spa Development Consultant 2018 / 2019 Budapest Spa – BGYH Zrt –Spa Development Consultant 2018 / 2019  Szechenyi Bath –  Deluxe Private Spa Concept Rudas Bath – Professional Bath Photography 2019 Csillaghegyi Bath – Kids Area Development 2018 !QMS Anti-aging Conference Budapest – Event Management 2018 / 2019 IWI OKJ Program – Fitness-Wellness Assistant OKJ Program Development (Elaboration) 2018 MAVEX Hungary – Brand Training Manual 2018 Mandala Spiritual Bath – Pre Opening 2018 Mandala Day Spa – Operations Manual – Standardization 2018 !QMS Medicosmetic HU – Business Consulting 2018 Nádas Pihenőpark Hotel – Kid Spa Area Planning 2017 IWI – Spa Management Training Program Development 2016 Project “My Quantum Blue” Yacht – Pre Opening, Spa Supply 2014 Budapest XIX. Public Swimming Pool – Development Plan 2015 Quintess Health Institute – Operations Management 2014 Yacht Topaz – SPA Consultant, Staff Training, Spa Supply 2012 – 2017 Project “Yacht Topaz” – Pre-Opening Spa Consultant 2012 Project Butik Hotel – Garden Spa Planning 2012 Quintess Health Institute – Functional Medicine Operation Management 2011 – 2014 Quintess MEDISPA – Pre Opening Spa Consultant 2010 / 2011 Mandala Airport SPA – Business Planning – Only Plan req. 2010 Mandala Hotel Spa Operation at Hotel Boscolo – Cooperation Planning req. 2010  Project Ó utca Boutique Hotel – Spa Business Planning 2008 Hotel Tisza Balneum – Hotel Service Developement (6 month) 2009 Hotel Tisza Balneum – SPA Development 2008/2009  Royal Clinic –  Pre Opening Event 2008 Mandala Day Spa – Management – Pre Opening 2003 / 2005-2010

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