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Forlle’d Hyalogy is a Japanese nano-technology skincare range, delivers long-lasting skin health, renewal and regeneration for both in-clinic and home. Using Nanotechnology, Biofermentation and Ionization.

Christmas experience that won’t be forgotten

Christmas is coming. Gift shopping is a tricky task, having a pressure to find the perfect present, and if we are looking for something unique.

Restaurants, Traditions, Trends

Natural and organic products are getting more available and affordable as demand for them keeps growing. As these natural, preservative free products are more sought after, consumers also look for local or BIO produces more. It does not come as a surprise that the...

Wellness Communities

Occupants living in these communities decided to have a balanced lifestyle and a higher quality of life, and they are constantly surrounded with tranquility.

How to SPA like a PRO

How can you get the most out of your SPA experience? Why is it so important to arrive early? Spa etiquette is easy if you know a few basics. My personal experiences is that clients are whispering questions of what to do. So here are some tips for you to SPA as a pro.

Fashion to be FIT

Nowedays the fashion is to be fit. To be concern of our own lifestyle, to look for BIO and organic products, to use guided meditation and other relaxation techniques. But I was still curious what kind of spa and wellness services are attracts custumers in different...

Number 1 SPA trend: Surfing

According to 2016 forecast at SPAfinder.com there are many exciting trends coming up in SPA services.
 A great example is surfing that became the number 1 trend in 2016. Surfing history goes back centuries as a part of the Polynesian culture. This exercise gave the...

Onboard SPA Services from fashion to prevention

Nowadays the number of people living a health-conscious lifestyle is increasing. Therefore new services are being created for their new demands. I, myself have worked on luxury cruise lines at the end of the 90’s. Back then bar entertainment was sufficient enough to...

SPA treatments – basic

A brief description of massage techniques from around the World. Swedish massage, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Yumeiho, Thai, Ayurveda, Shiatsu and more.

About massages in general

Massage is a journey within yourself that teaches us the feeling of true relaxation, being at peace with ourselves and enjoying the lightness of a freely breathing body. It strengthens our feelings of care.

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