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Why us?

Institutional knowledge and practice of spa operation

Why us?

Customer-Oriented Company focused on tailor-made services

Why us?

Professional SPA training program to uplift and develop service level

Why us?

International retailer contracts for professionals all in one place!

Why us?

Worldwide delivery services for products, equipments and accessories

Why us?

Familiar with the international transportation policy, packaging, handling products

Why us?



Our professional experience land and sea will be a valuable asset to your Company. As a Spa Expert we share our 35 years of experience and knowledge in hospitality  and wellness industry. By choosing our services you can save time and money by avoiding common mistakes and keeps your project and budget according to the schedule.  Our team of hospitality professionals and therapists will help to provide the best possible service and medical spa program to a high service orientated business.

Wellness as a Lifestyle

Well-being is not only means reaching a higher living standard and making intentions in the financial side of our life but is a conscious lifestyle as I believe. Day by day we have to balance our life, and recognize of what is really matter to us.



When I founded Richvalszki Spa Consulting, my goal was to create a business that provides professional support based on 5-star operating experience to entrepreneurs in the wellness and hotel industry in this special area.

Over the past 20 years, I have found dedicated and highly knowledgeable professionals who contribute to the high-quality of our services and the creation of unique concepts.

I can proudly say that we create special solutions in every case. We find the breaking points, individual features, local characteristics that make the facility unique. Our credo remains the same: we believe in “the Importance of Individuality”

Our Company has very high requirements in spa culture, setting standards while leading outstanding spa services.

From concept to grand opening, design to development, and passion to profit, we can provide as little or as much help you need to reach your goals.

Our independent Spa Consultant advisory board has international and sophisticated work experience with Exclusive Hotels, Yachts, Clinics and Spas.

Zseraldina Richvalszki and her successful team help you through all the critical stages.

Due to the help of our profound observation and expertise in spa operating regular problems are avoidable.

International experience


Medical Spa / Thermal Bath / Health Institute 

Gyergyoremete Hotel (Wellness Area Planning – Concept Development – Construction Consulting) / Lepence Thermal Bath (Thematic Thermal Bath Concept) / Mandala Spiritual Bath (Grand Opening Event) / Budapest Spas (Thermal Bath Service Development) / Szechenyi Thermal Bath (Private Spa Development) / Csillaghegy Thermal Bath (Kids Area Concept) / Quintess Health Institute (Operations Management) / Quintess MEDISPA (Pre Opening)

Hotel Spa / Day Spa

ENSO Day Spa (Pre Opening – Concept Development) / Botaniq Castle Hotel (Hotel Spa Development) / Grand Hotel Tokaj (Adult Spa Planning) / BalaLand Hotel  (Luxury Spa – Family Resort Planning) / Bambara Hotel (Hotel Spa Menu Design) / Shiraz Hotel (Hotel Spa Menu Design) / Mandala Day Spa  (Operational Management) / Nadas Pihenopark Hotel (Kid Wellness Area Development) / Hotel Tisza Balneum (Hotel Spa Service Design – Hotel Service Quality Development)

Yacht Spa

Yacht Topaz (Pre-Opening – Spa Supply) / Yacht My Quantum Blue (Pre-Opening)

Spa & Wellness Concept

Budapest XIX. public Swimming Pool (Development Plan) / Project Butik Hotel (Garden Spa Planning) / Mandala Airport SPA (Business Planning) / Mandala Hotel Spa at Hotel Boscolo (Cooperation Planning) / Project O utca Boutique Hotel (Spa Business Planning)

Luxury Beauty Brand Development

Forlle’d Hungary (Area Brand Lounch Consulting) / QMS Medicosmetics Hungary (Country Brand Management) / MAVEX Hungary (Brand Standardization)

Spa Education Development

IWI OKJ Program – Fitness-Wellness Assistant OKJ Program Development (Elaboration) / IWI – Spa Management Training Program Development


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