According to 2016 forecast at SPAfinder.com there are many exciting trends coming up in SPA services.
 A great example is surfing that became the number 1 trend in 2016. Surfing history goes back centuries as a part of the Polynesian culture. This exercise gave the Polinesians their top physical condition. surf trend 2016
At the beginning of the 20th century, surfing grown with technology. As a from of transportation, it helped them reach their destinations, and with the innovation of the wetsuit they were protected from cold water and the weather. The obsession with this sport has spread from Hawaii to California then Australia. Thanks to the father of surfing, a Hawaiian man called Duke Kahanamoku from Waikiki. From obsession to fashion: started around the 60s when the shorter board was created. We can thank Mark Twain, Duke, Gidget,and Kelly Slater for this. Surfing is a lifestyle. Now there is onboard surfing on ocean-liners, surf fitness in fitness classes and luxury surf resorts, where we can plan luxurious surf holidays discovering new destinations. Surf parks exist, with are all different types of waves and surf pools provide possibility to surf outside the ocean. beatuful wave at hawaiiSurfing is a way of healthy living. In some resorts, surfers have the chance to combine their surfing pleasure with healthy dining, meditation, spa treatments. They can also enjoy a hotel with all of its facilities in all level of service they desire. Now back to the spa trend forecast:as a new trend in surf fitness. Surfing is a great way to be fit and stay/or get in shape. Surfset Fitness created a special board for home users or for fitness studios. With a surf inspired fitness workout we can build a strong and lean surfer body while having lots of fun. We have a lot to look for in 2016 as well.

SO lets hop on a Surfboard!

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