p-and-os-oasis-spaNowadays the number of people living a health-conscious lifestyle is increasing. Therefore new services are being created for their new demands. I, myself have worked on luxury cruise lines at the end of the 90’s. Back then bar entertainment was sufficient enough to keep customers happy. Passengers were most excited for different nationality cuisines, or the highly anticipated midnight buffet for the always hungry.Today, our diet, exercise and level of relaxation are important parts of our conscious choices regarding to our lifestyles.There are healthy cooking classes, Nordic walking tours and dietitian advised meal plans on offer. Spa services are backed up numerous medi-spa and advanced esthetician treatments. Well known, sophisticated spas also have their own menus of services. Todays conscious clients’ needs and expectations are now very similar to the passengers on the luxurious cruiseships, which is way beyond the usual relaxing, pampering treatments of day spas. Quality of the time that passengers spend onboard has changed. As exercise, relaxation and meditation became important parts of our lives, the giant ships of the seas also cater for these needs. norwegian-cruise-lines-mandara-spa-salt-roomAs time passed by, spas were getting more attention and more prestigious locations onboard. The fitness/wellness complex is now usually located conveniently at the front or the aft the of vessel, providing its visitors with spectacular views I was completely under the spell of the cruise ship world. The gigantic size of the vessels and all the different kinds of services they provided, the homely romantic feel of the smaller ships…And when you think you saw it all, that is when private yachts will blow you away. Spas are evolving constantly and their facilities are getting more amazing and modern by the minute. You can even find Turkish or Moroccan hammam baths, ayurvedic treatments rooms, meditation rooms and snow cabins on the yachts now! But let’s get into that later… 😉 Greetings from here! Zseraldina 🙂
kép forrás / photo source: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/ https://www.seabourn.com
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