How can you get the most out of your SPA experience? Why is it so important to arrive early? Spa etiquette is easy if you know a few basics. My personal experiences is that clients are whispering questions of what to do. So here are some tips for you to SPA as a pro: Upon receiving your Spa treatment
Ask about the amenities when you make your appointment and think about what you would like to experience. When booking your spa treatment, they will ask if you have a preference for a male or female therapist. I recommend that you check-in at your emale hands on laptop touch pad. Woman sitting with cup of coffee and cakes and surfing the internet. Attractive model using computer with empty white screen copyspace in cafe. Close-upSpa reception at least 45 – 60 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Most of the SPA treatments are scheduled for every hour so you probably aren’t the only one arriving for a treatment. This time will also allows you to have a brief discussion with the spa receptionist about your treatment expectation, your health conditions, and about your therapist. If this is the first time at the SPA, tell to the receptionist, you should be shown where your locker is and how it works. By arriving earlier you will have some time to refresh yourself before the treatment. A shower washes away tensions. Then to drink some water, and rest at the relaxation area. Leave your worries outside the SPA.
Spa experience Please communicate your specific needs and expectations openly with your therapist, Speak up about room temperature, music choice and volume, and massage pressure. Do mention injuries or physical conditions, and  by this short communication you will allow them to customize your treatment. After the treatmenthow to spa Give yourself a 15 – 30 minutes time for relaxation after the treatment. Sip some tea and have a big glass of water. General Behavior In order to ensure a tranquil
 atmosphere refrain from using mobile phones 
(and any other mobile device) and speak in a gentle voice. Do not eat and drink alcohol before the treatment Do not bring your valuables and remove your jewelry Do not wear your watch, allow yourself for the luxury to flow with the time

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