Nowedays the fashion is to be fit. To be concern of our own lifestyle, to look for BIO and organic products, to use guided meditation and other relaxation techniques. But I was still curious what kind of spa and wellness services are attracts custumers in different spa areas, so I asked experts from around the world. Here by some answers: kevin murphy color me Ana from Liverpool, England Hair is getting shorter, we are using a lot of freehand techniques here & really playing with depth and tone. Blending 3/4 colors and moving away from the same color roots to ends. Some Clients want more natural looking tones then more adventurous are working with metallic pastels this season. Andrea from Florida USA Cryotherapy, just like an ultimate cold shower! It helps you to loose weight, firms the skin, slows aging, pain and stress relief. Are you ready to step into a freezing chamber? If not there are available partial cyrotherapy treatments as well. Hydra-facial is still a popular facial rejuvenation treatment. Visible and effective for a healthy looking skin. Trendy the European Wax Center. Focus on eyebrows, georgeus and smooth skin. Szilvia from Sydney, Australia refreshing oxigen Laser hair removal, we use medical grade laser technology that is effective, safe, fast and painless. We also offer facial treatment e.g.: microdermabrasion with oxygen infusion and clinical skin needling. Generally speaking there is a growing tendency of clients that are after the flawless ‘ I woke up like this’ look. They exercise more, care for their hair and skin, get hair/ eyelash extensions, cosmetic tattoos, fake tans and injectables if needed. It’s great to see that fit and healthy is the new trend, even in the media. Candice from Cape Town, South Africa The Brazilian Hair Treatment is still a big trend. Young people are still wanting to do Ombre Color technique. Balayage are also stillpopular. Hair tattoos is becoming popular with girls and guys. The guys are still in to Fades of all kinds but going back on top rather than the comb over that was popular 2015.
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